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Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner.

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner.

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First Ever Time & Energy Saving Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner-- No assembly required, large capacity, automatically clean multiple makeup brushes at once and works with almost all sizes of makeup brushers.

Are you still scrubbing your makeup brushes by hand on the makeup brush cleaning mat? Are you still using an old-fashioned makeup brushes cleaner? Time to pick this newest makeup brush cleaner, it is sure to impress you.

Fterwk makeup brush cleaner automatically cleans multiple makeup brushes at a time, and it works with almost all sizes of makeup brushes. From small eye shadow brushes to large foundation brushes, Makeup cleaner machine handles them all with ease.

    The brush blender cleaner is professional and impressive. Let's give your makeup brushes a powerful bath together and see how much dirty makeup residue brushes are harboring. This cosmetic makeup brush cleaners uses most advanced technology to ensure thorough and gentle cleaning of your makeup brushes. The powerful motor can clean each bristle, effectively removing makeup residue, oil and dirt without damaging the shape of brushes.
    The automatic makeup brush washer is powered by USB and is easy to operate, just add water and cleaning solution, press the switch and it is ready to use (don't exceed the maximum amount of water). Turn the silicone cap upside down to air dry the brushes after deep cleaning or use this brush blender for storing makeup brushes. Be sure to use a 5V 1.5A adapter plug, otherwise it will not work and the touch switch will be out of order.
    As a makeup lover, it's vital to keep beauty and makeup tools hygienic. This automatic makeup washer is delicate and beautiful, and can be easily fit into cosmetic collection to add style to your beauty routine. Cosmetic brush cleaner is small and portable, can be taken with you when traveling and playing, so you can stay beautiful at all times. The silicone cap fits almost all brushes, but for oversized and irregularly shaped brushes, you’ll need to clean them manually.
    This spinning makeup up brush cleaner frees your hands and makes cleaning makeup brushes easier and faster, perfect for women who care about the health of their face skin, family members, professional makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. Electric make up cleaner machine is a perfect gift for your beloved ones on Valentine's Day, Christmas, anniversary or birthday. Trust me, you will love this makeup brush cleaner machine after using it!
    ⚠1.Please make sure to use 5V 1.5A adapter plug, otherwise it will not work properly and the switch will be out of work.
    ⚠2.Do not fill the water beyond the maximum water mark.
    ⚠3.The makeup brush washing machine is based on sonic vibration for cleaning, it will not damage the shape of makeup brushes.
    ⚠4.The silicone lid's micro-elastic make it suitable for all brushes, but for oversized and irregularly shaped brushes, you need to clean them manually.
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